Llanishen Outdoor Activity Centre

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July 23, 2018

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Llanishen is looking forward to providing young people the opportunity for teambuilding and personal development using outdoor activities.

By combining our qualifications and experience, we can tailor an exciting and challenging programme that will stimulate and benefit young people.

Our activities are designed to be fun and to promote trust, teamwork, self-confidence, self-reliance and raise self-esteem in young people.

Our activities encourage learning outside the classroom, and take it into exciting and challenging new environments.

Our activities are suitable for young people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, and we will become fully recognised and also licensed as an activity provider with the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority.

We firmly believe that our programmes of Outdoor Education help to enrich the lives of young people by giving them new experiences and a real sense of achievement.

Programmes are fully customised to meet individual school or group requirements, budgets and time constraints and full consultation is given with regards to implementing a viable programme.

All the Water and Land based activities at Llanishen
will be available to all schools.
If your school would use this facility
Please support our Development Plan.