Llanishen Outdoor Activity Centre

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July 23, 2018

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Angling is a totally inclusive sport that offers no barriers to those wishing to participate and offer an immediate reward to those who go fishing. It is a fun and healthy sport enjoyed by millions of people throughout the UK every year. Anglers not only go fishing to catch fish but also because they enjoy and appreciate the environment in which angling takes place.

The Reservoirs offer the angler the ideal location to enjoy their sport. You will be able to purchase season tickets or day permits onsite.

All anglers of 12 years and over must have an Environment Agency Rod Licence. Details are available from the Environment Agency. Tel: 08708 506506

Tuition is on offer to Youth Groups and Schools introducing students to the fundamentals of angling. Courses will enable young people to gain an in-depth understanding of their environment and learn how to fish safely and correctly.


Cardiff Reservoirs Fly Fishing Club (CRFFC)

Llanishen Reservoir first opened for angling in 1910. It would be thirty eight years later on 1 November 1948 that fifty anglers gathered to listen to a proposal to form a Fly Fishing Club. From that day CRFFC has provided top quality trout fishing. Catering for many hundreds of local and visiting anglers. Several members of the Club have represented Wales.

The Club still meets on a weekly basis and enjoys a wide range of activities. Members enjoy regular trips to local and national fishing venues.